Project : Southlake Large Renovation

How to survive a large renovation.

Multi-room renovations are the domain of mature renovation specialists adept at large scale residential scope execution. Successful results will require architectural review, interior design and efficient construction management.

Standard processes require a master-plan put together by independent professional service providers or in the case of projects like USI Design & Remodeling they are done in concert with us as Design-Builder for turn-key planning to execution.

Typical traits of advanced renovation:

  • Interior wall manipulation.
  • Floorplan evaluation.
  • Space plan evaluation.
  • Multi-room scopes targeted to syncing products.
  • Updated plans accounting for missing modern conveniences.
  • Strong commitment to getting all needs met.

Companies should provide a daily schedule of workers to be onsite as well as a master timeline targeted to an expected completion date. Daily work is targeted to full days with standard starting and stopping times. To assist our clients at the projects beginning we can provide professional movers to manipulate contents.
Contents are either staying onsite and/or moved  to pod storage and again kept onsite or moved to a temperature controlled and secured storage facility. We have department store portable  clothing racks you may use for your projects duration.

During construction cleaning crews separate from daily trade cleaning can be utilized to manage the homes environment as needed. We have dust removal equipment and zip wall systems to corral airborne particles. For occupied homes clients typically relocate as far away from the major activity as they can get and live onsite.
That said, we have remodeled homes one half at a time and/or one floor at a time when the whole house is being remodeled. A final option for those who prefer to be, “outside looking in” we can suggest offsite extended stay residence. From constructions beginning typical large renovations are in the 120 day range for us, as an industry

Posted on April 15, 2016 in Design Remodeling

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